16 April 2006

Bone Stories

A friend of ours told us a good story today about chuko bones. Apparently collecting chuko bones when you are pregnant will ensure that you have a boy (and like many countries, boys are best in Kyrgyzstan), so our friend's mother was advised to collect bones when she was pregnant with her fifth child after having four daughters. She proceeded to get a nice large collection of bones.

Then one day before the birth, our friend (she was around 10 years old at the time) saw some little boys climbing a cherry tree and eating the green cherries. She was so worried about the boys (again, not surprising at all that a girl in Kyrgyzstan would feel like she needed to take care of stray little boys) that she said she would trade them the chuko bones for the green cherries.

Her mother had a girl. And she knew why when she found out what had happened to the bones.

A side note- I am having a very difficult time finding chuko bones to take back to the US. I have just enough for our family, but there are several people I'd like to give some to also. I am happy to pay for them. Everyone in the country has them. There are people in the bazaar who say they will sell us some. We have told many friends we are looking for them. But I cannot get my hands on more bones.

Good thing I already have my two sons.

And I'm glad that my mother didn't get discouraged when she had five daughters.

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