24 March 2006

Tajikistan's Possible New Religious Laws

It's not often that Muslims, Jews, and all types of Christians agree on something, but there aren't too many religious people who like Tajikistan's proposed restrictions on religious practice in Tajikistan. It would basically end any form of proselytizing, control those who go on the Hajj, limit the number of mosques, bar any non-Tajik citizen from having any kind of leadership role in any religious organization, and make it nearly impossible for any new religious group to register in any town. It even appears that parents would not be able to teach religion to their children in their own homes: "Additionally, under Article 10 of the draft Religion Law, religious education in private homes is outlawed, as is teaching religion at all to children younger than 7."

I support efforts to create a secular government, but my goodness, this is unreasonable.

1 comment:

  1. This is amazingly scary to me. Any government policy that intrudes on the private home and what is taught
    practised/thought there is flat out scary.