15 March 2006

Persian New Year?

I came across this blog post about getting Google to recognize Nooruz (insert your favorite spelling). There are some creative ideas there. I do have to quibble with calling it the Persian New Year though, since there are lots of Turks who celebrate it too (the request to Google recognizes this). But what would be a better name? Central Asian New Year? Not really since that might not include every country, depending on your definition of Central Asia. Muslim New Year? It's often referred to as that in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, but it's hardly accurate. Zoroastrian New Year? It might have its origins in Zoroastrianism, but I doubt the Iranian government would approve of its people celebrating a non-Muslim holiday. Asian New Year? People would get it confused with Chinese New Year even though Nooruz is celebrated over a much larger part of Asia than Lunar New Year.

I can't think of a good descriptive name for this holiday.


  1. Vernal equinox?

    The name of the holiday is Persian and it has its origins in Persian culture. I think calling it Persian New Year just underlines the massive influence of Persian culture on Turks.

  2. I agree that it's probably the best name. But it doesn't convey the idea that the holiday is celebrated over a huge area from Turkey to Kazakhstan to India. I'll just have to be dissatisfied.

  3. AnonymousMay 14, 2006

    The name is nooruz (Persian new year) because it have with Persian historia to do with the others have steal it from iran and say they own verison.