05 March 2006

New Homeschooling Board

Bryce set up an interesting new homeschooling board. While it's mostly populated by Sonlight people at this point (I never went there much because I don't use Sonlight and it was overwhelmingly Christian- not a bad thing, just overwhelming), I'd like to see this board work out. Thanks Bryce!


  1. Glad you found us. I haven't dropped by here for a while, as I usually just drop by blogs linked by ldsblogs. This really is a great blog.

    The new board is overwhelmingly Sonlight users right now, but the intent is for it to be open to homeschoolers of all stripes. I think that's one reason it's caught hold so quickly. It'll be interesting to see how the group dynamic turns out.

  2. It will be interesting to see where it goes. Actually, I'm just amazed you'd take this on. It has to be incredibly time consuming.