07 March 2006

Kyrgyz Coursebook

I finally tracked down a Kyrgyz language book. After looking in bookstores in Bishkek and contacting various NGOs who were supposed to have language material, we finally tracked down the only copy of the Peace Corps manual at the embassy and borrowed it. I knew there wasn't a lot of Kyrgyz language stuff in Kyrgyzstan, but this really is unreasonable.

The PC book isn't perfect, but I think it will do, once I get the whole thing copied, although it doesn't sound like the book is a hot item at the embassy, so I could probably keep it for a while. I did find older electronic versions of it (thanks brother-in-law!) and this one from 2003 has a lot more grammar than the others. The first was basically a collection of phrases to memorize.

Uzbek has a lot more resources.

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