27 March 2006

In No Particular Order

Reading, reading, reading

Central Asia, Middle East, Islam

Arabic, Russian, Farsi

Travel, food, cooking

Quiet, quiet, quiet

Mormon, homeschooler, 3 boys

Geysers, mountains, ocean

Spinning, quilting, crocheting



  1. periwinkleMay 11, 2008

    thats one of the nicest descriptions about one self I have ever read

  2. meganann@gmail.comAugust 18, 2008

    Hi there~
    I stumbled across your blog while searching for a street map of bishkek...unfortunately the one you found isn't active anymore (I know that post was in 2005) In the same post I found you trying to get to an orphanage there...was it the Bishkek Baby house? If it was would you email me? I was there in July visiting the boy I'm adopting and I've collected several hundred pounds of stuff I'd like to get to them, but I have no address for them.

  3. Hi,

    I am so happy that there are people out there who also care about the children in need in Kyrgyzstan. I am from Kyrgyzstan but I had moved to Canada when I was 6. I saw your post on the Orphanage House in Bishkek and I was amazed! But I was just wondering, why the kids were tied up in their seats in a circle? :D Thanks

    e-mail me at miss_congeniality_777@hotmail.com

  4. They were sitting on toilets. Most were either too little to sit on the toilets, or were too wiggly to stay on the toilets.

  5. Hi,

    Interesting to read your blog. My husband is Kyrgyz and I am American, so it has become my habit to search for Kyrgyz stuff on the web. Just curious, from your name, I would have guessed that you have a familial connection to the region, but reading your blog, it sounds like English is your native tongue...if so, how did you end up with the name Amira, which is fairly uncommon in the states? Also, how did you develop your deep connection to the Muslim world?

  6. Amira isn't my real name, just the name I usually use online. I picked it up when I was studying Arabic in the Middle East. My husband and I are interested in the art, architecture, people, culture, history, traditions, everything about Islam wherever it's found in the world. There isn't any one thing that started that interest for either of us, but it continues to grow.

  7. I love your Blog and loved your pictures. We traveled to China to watch our daughter swim at the Olympics this past summer. We saw as much as we could possibly see. It was an amazing experience. I recognize some places. I especially loved the baby house pictures and all of the other children. I would love to know more. louiseasmit@gmail.com

  8. If this is the Samarqand I read about in my history books then its quite fascinating. Interesting blog, and some good write up. Keep up the good work.

  9. I would love to look at some of your crocheted dresses but I can't look because I am not an "invited" reader. Do you ever sell the dresses you make?? Please consider adding me or at least letting me look at your beautiful work! Thanks.

    Tami Lemon

  10. Tami, I have sold the dresses, but I don't do it much anymore. The picture I have on my blog is pretty much it- I've only sold that one style of blessing dress. I used to sell them at Mormon Handicraft, but haven't for a few years. But I think they still carry some.

  11. I love your header photo!

    Can you specify which place in Samarkand it is?

    I just clicked on your link in some other blog's blogroll and landed up here.

    I love what little I have read and I plan to go now and check out more of your older posts.

  12. Nishitak, it's the Registan.


    Thanks for stopping by.