31 March 2006


Things are a little unsettled around the White House right now. Ryspek Akmatbaev, our popular criminal, is demanding both that he be allowed to run for Parliament and also that Kulov, the Prime Minister, resign. Ryspek doesn't much like Kulov in part because he thinks Kulov orchestrated his brother's murder last year (Ryspek wants to run for his brother's parliamentary seat). As of this evening though, the demonstrations are breaking up, possibly because of talks with the government (or maybe the rain). Some renters in the nicer stores downtown did start packing up, just in case.

Personally, I don't want Ryspek running for Parliament. He was released in January after being charged with several murders. The state prosecutor said the case couldn't go forward because some of their information was gathered illegally, so they had to acquit him. Everyone knows he's a criminal, but he's a powerful criminal and it's dangerous to oppose him.

Apparently Bakiev promised Ryspek that the courts would review the decision to not allow him to run. The current reasoning for his not running are some of his previous convictions, and also that he has not been living in Kyrgyzstan for the last five years. He was on the run for several years and only came back to Kyrgyzstan last May. It will be interesting to see what the courts decide. Everyone knows they're not exactly independent. And rumor has it the judges are scared of Ryspek anyway.

Parliamentary elections are coming up next week. If Ryspek is allowed to run, he'll win. That will bring a lot of legitimacy to Parliament.

Kulov's party has announced they will be holding a peaceful demonstration on Sunday.

I wonder if the universities will be taking role at any of these demonstrations like they did on revolution day. ;)

I guess we won't be going downtown for dinner tonight.

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