12 March 2006

Barley Plov

Dusty grain without the bran all looks a lot alike. I accidentally picked up a bag of what was probably barley instead of rice. I started making plov, but when I washed the grain, it was clearly not rice. The grain really is incredibly dirty if you can't see the difference between rice and barley (well, if you're someone who's used grain a lot and should know the difference). So I made barley plov instead. It's not bad, but I'm not going to start promoting barley as a substitute for rice.

I miss my wheat grinder. And black beans. The food I miss most in the US is my own cooking. I can make some of the same things here (like my favorite bulgur pilaf and kichree), but I'd love to have chilaquiles again. And my own homemade bread.

But I will still make plov when I get back to the US.


  1. Plov was my first dish when I was in Bishkek in 2003. It is an embarassment to compare what we call "pilaf" to it, of course. Pilaf is but a pale shadow.

  2. Are you in Bishkek? If so, you can get canned black beans (ShopRite brand) at Beta Stores. They're not cheap, obviously, since they're imported from the US, but they're tasty!

    Now if only I could convince them to import La Costeña products - imo the best canned beans on the planet... ;)