01 March 2006


When I first got to the baby house, Arsen was about 13 months old. He didn't have any teeth, he didn't ever try to talk, he couldn't do anything besides lie on his back. But slowly, slowly he has been improving. A tooth is finally growing in, he is an expert roller and can get anywhere he wants to by rolling, he sits well, and he can even stand for several minutes.

Yesterday he crawled. He has absolutely refused to crawl in the past. Certainly some babies never crawl, but since he wasn't moving on to walking, it seemed that helping him crawl was a good option. I'd get him into a kneeling position then lower his hands. He would always flop back down on his stomach even if I tried to hold him in a crawling position. But yesterday when I tried it again, he just crawled off. It looked like he'd been doing it forever. Since he's 18 months, he should have been doing it forever.

He still can't change positions very well. Lying/rolling to sitting or standing is impossible. But I'm so pleased that he is improving. His little personality comes through a lot more strongly. He talks a lot. I hope that he will be more likely to be adopted or taken home if he seems to be a bit more on track developmentally.

Esen isn't likely to be adopted for that reason, and that's sad. He is a sweet boy. But adoptions are a business, and few families are looking to fly halfway around the world to adopt a baby who will need a great deal of care.


  1. OH Amira, Can't you just bring him home to me? *smile* Ethan could use a good friend, one that isn't going to shoot past him so fast in ability.

    There are tons of little stretches and tricks that you can do to try to promote advancement in those kinds of areas.

    Ethan has become a roller. He does not ever get up on all fours nor does he show any kind of inclination too. He does have his roller/crawler and on that (where he doesn't have to use his arms for support) he does move around the kitchen. BUt with out that. Forget it.

    Give Arsen a good hug for me. I wish I could afford to fly half way around the world to come and get him. I probably would!

  2. Very nice Amira. It helps to illustrate how much we all need people in our lives. Arsen is likely a 'failure to thrive' baby and with your love and encouragement he is making progress. I only fear for the future when you must say goodbye. But then again, some people won't get involved at all for that very reason. I applaud your efforts.

  3. I am reading a really funny book called A Girl Named Zippy. She says that she didn't talk until she was three, not a word, and then she said to her father when he was trying to get her to give up her bottle (her family was convinced she had some sort of brain damage), she looked at him and said, clearly, "I'll make you a deal. I'll just have my bottle when nobody is around." And her dad stared at her for a long time, and replied, "no deal."

    And they solemnly threw her bottle in the fire and watched it burn.