21 February 2006

Two Interesting Articles

Excellent NY Times editorial on the Muhammad cartoons

Putin's course in Russia- I especially noted this line: "In exchange for rolling back democracy, and isolating Russian society from the rest of the world, Putin has promised the Russian people security and prosperity. He believes that a more autocratic, less pluralistic, regime will make the Russian state stronger and more effective." Yep, I hear that all the time. Lots of Kyrgyz love Putin.


  1. Many from the former CIS seem to believe that a nation speaking with a single voice (due to autocratic government that silences other voices, either passively or actively) is STRONGER than a nation that speaks out about its problems and evaluates them in public forums.

    Of course, in the West, we believe the opposite, and when we see a government that attempts to silence other voices, we see this as weakness - the sign of an oppressive and easily threatened regime.

    Amazingly, I've also seen this same pattern in personal relationships among men and women in the CIS as well.

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