15 February 2006

So we've been enjoying the Olympics for the past few days. I like watching the Olympics Eurosport for several reasons. They show one event at a time- the entire thing with only a few short breaks. You don't sit around waiting for the events you care to watch; you simply check the schedule (we're five hours ahead) and you know when to turn on your TV. They also don't do any of those personal stories the American media loves to do. Sometimes they're nice, but nearly every athlete has an interesting story and you can't tell them all.

The drawback is that we miss some of the primetime events. They either don't replay them, or they're on the next afternoon when I'm out. The other drawback is that curling seems to be a lot more popular here. The only thing more boring that watching a 5-minute summary of a curling match is watching the entire match. Still, I know a lot more about curling now.

I also discovered that my children were learning the Europe flags while watching, so we pulled out our map of Europe so they could jump on each country when it came up. Since I've been putting off teaching them the countries of Europe (Asia and Africa are so much more interesting), this will work out nicely.

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