25 February 2006


Patience is more than a virtue in Kyrgyzstan, it's a necessity. We've needed our curtains replaced for about four months. One set was impossible to close because they simply didn't move along the track. The other set had a flair for completely coming off the wall (including the metal track). When I mentioned this problem to the landlady, she said "Well, that's your problem. You tried to close the curtains." How silly of me.

But today, the tracks were replaced. You can open and close the curtains without fear. And in Kyrgyzstan, that is something to cheer about.

(We do have a great landlady though, even though she apparently doesn't close her curtains.)


  1. How funny. I'm glad to hear you now have functional curtains (really).

  2. Ichan, what did you say??

    I thought about you all day today, Amira. And St. Teresa, being glad for all the things she doesn't own.

    Because my house is a totally cluttered dusty mess. I have too many possessions. I'm going to give the basement to my grandkids.

  3. I guess she was underscoring a lesson in cause and effect. heh. What would teach me patience would be the lack of signs you mentioned a few motnhs back.