11 February 2006

Kyrgyzstan Olympics

I'm glad to see the Olympics starting again. We're the type of family who puts everything on hold for these two weeks to watch. We get EuroSport with Russian commentating and English breaks. EuroSport appears to replay things through the European night, so we can pick up some of the things we missed since we're 5 hours ahead of Europe. They had a 90-minute version of the opening ceremonies on twice today. We missed a lot of the disco music. Although we didn't miss the dancing cows.

There is one lone Kyrgyz representative- a snowboarder [I just checked the official site and they had him as a skier; maybe that one got lost in translation]. He had a group of six others to go with him though. It's a bit dangerous to be associated with the Olympic movement in Kyrgyzstan. Several of the recent assassinations have had ties to the Olympics, and the current head criminal in the country wants to head up the Kyrgyz Olympic Association.

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