01 February 2006

Baby House Update

The chicken pox bout is nearly over at the baby house. Diana hasn't quite recovered her spunkiness (she got it first and probably worst), but other than that, there are no green-speckled children and everyone is doing well. There is going to be a lot of scarring though. There are green streaks all over the beds and playpens from the medicine.

Janad and Altanai were both adopted and taken to Israel. Is there an Israeli agency who has figured out the system? Belek moved on to the next group. There are 10 children now, so I expect some new children will join the group soon.

Murat is now three months old and smiling a lot. He is a sweet little boy, and still the general favorite. Although, as I've mentioned, most of the women have their favorite. Arsin is still my little favorite. He's 17 months and is finally getting his first tooth. He can stand now and sits well. It's just that crawling thing that's the problem.

Askar, who was waiting to be adopted by a couple from Brazil, is now probably going to be adopted by a Kyrgyz couple. It is certainly preferable that he stay in Kyrgyzstan, but I feel very sorry for the Brazilian couple who has been trying to adopt him for 6 months and would have been successful if they hadn't run into corruption. However, I think babies should not be available for international adoption until they are at least 6-9 months, and they chose him when he was just 2 or 3 months.

The music woman came in yesterday while we were there. She played an accordian. Diana stood up and danced, Isin went wild rolling around, and Violeta did her own dancing in a crawling position. Vova was scared by the music, but when it stopped, he would cry.

Vova should be leaving soon. I hope things go well. I'll miss all these little ones, but it's nice to know they're being adopted. They really have what they need except a family, and no one at the baby house can provide that.

I do love going to the baby house. The babies, especially Arsin, clearly know me and we have a good time together.


  1. It seems better to me that a baby be taken when small so they can bond. How sad for those people that they fell in love with that little body.

  2. I agree. The sooner the better. I haven't been able to talk to the Brazilian couple. I don't know exactly how the whole thing played out. I hope they didn't just show up one day and be told they couldn't adopt him.

    But I do think it reasonable to have a certain age when a baby can be adopted internationally. That is a good compromise between those who are completely against any kind of international adoption and those who think anyone should be able to go to any country and adopt a child of any age. The age limit is pretty standard around the world, and if KG got its act together on its adoption laws, it would probably be the case here too.

    And in the end, adopting a 10-month-old instead of a newborn or two-month-old is probably not going to make a huge difference, especially in KG where the babies get a reasonable amount of attention, care, and even love (unlike some other countries I could mention).