21 February 2006

Adoption News

I've updated the Kyrgyzstan adoption information with some more information about Kyrgyzstan, and also about specific agencies.

Several of the babies have been adopted recently by local families. A local newspaper did a story on the baby house and several have been adopted as a result. As always, if you're looking into adoption, remember that a local family will always have priority over a foreign family, even if you've been "promised" a certain child.

As always, I still see agencies saying FAS isn't a big risk in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. While it's not as prevalent as it is in Russia, it is still a greater risk than many other areas of the world. Of course, most babies in Russia and Central Asia are not born with FAS and it's likely that if you adopt, your baby won't have a problem. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for the possibility.

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