24 January 2006

Terra Cotta Warriors

I think a lot of popular sites around the world are popular because we talk about them so much. The Terra Cotta Warriors aren't nearly as famous, so many people don't visit them, or if they do visit without much background, they're not very impressed.

But we were at least as impressed with the Terra Cotta Army as we were with the Great Wall. The Chinese will sometimes call it the Eighth Wonder of the World.

This picture only shows a tiny corner of Pit 1. It's taken across the shorter width of the pit. The length of the pit is nearly 4 times longer than the width you see here- pretty big. This front part of the pit is being filled with the repaired soldiers. They were destroyed shortly after Emperor Qin's death. It is a slow process to repair the soldiers.

They were discovered officially in 1976, although farmers in the area had been digging up broken pieces of terra cotta for centuries. 4 farmers were digging a well and dug up the pieces of a head. 3 of the farmers were frightened (like everyone else had always been) and didn't say anything to anyone, but the fourth farmer did tell people and the archaeologists came. The discoveries have been amazing. There are three pits where the soldiers have been found and many other pits filled with other things.

But the best thing was to see them myself. If you go to China, do not miss this sight.


  1. Oh, those are definitely on my "must see" list. My parents saw them a few years back, and I was fascinated by their description. Thanks for sharing some pictures.

    BTW, I am enchanted with your blog.

  2. Thanks, GailV. I'm glad you stopped by.

  3. Oh, I want to see these. They sound amazing.