08 January 2006


I have to say again that Registan is far and away my favorite Central Asia blog. It has a variety of people commenting and posting, but I particularly like Nathan's commentary. It's always interesting and he even updated the sidebar recently so most of the links actually work now. How pleasant.

It really is a good place to find out more about Central Asia from people who really are living here or even from here instead of the travel sites you usually find. Or the commentary from people who don't really understand this part of the world.

And who can forget the highly amusing Fashion Week in Almaty?


  1. Thanks!

    Speaking of fashion, I've been meaning to do a post on this. Frightening...

    It's good to hear people actually use the links. I don't, so I have a tendency to not check them up. I have heaps more links that could go in there, but sites concerning Central Asia go dead so often I keep putting it off. (kind of like how I'm putting off writing a paper on Mongols right now reading blogs and leaving comments)

  2. Definitely frightening.

    I tried the links when I first found the site, but many were dead. It is hard to keep up on Central Asia blogs.