23 January 2006

One of the most noticeable differences between Bishkek and China were all the colors in China. Bishkek is sadly bland. Kyrgyz and Russian culture are both very colorful, so it's sad that Bishkek is so gray. Good thing for the trees. I hadn't really noticed it till we got to Xi'an.

I also picked up an interesting little book on the ethnic minorities in China.


  1. The funniest thing from our trip from Moscow to Beijing was upon entering China--the train station was completely decked out in colored lights. It looked like Christmas lights in the U.S., but there weren't any holidays going on in China that we knew of. After days and nights passing through drab stations in Russia and Mongolia it was quite a surprise. :)

  2. I think the colors were the main reason that China didn't seem communist to me (well, there were lots of reasons). But communism just seems gray to me.