09 January 2006

Logic Puzzles

I've loved all kinds of logic problems for many years. My mother kept me supplied with logic problem books while I was growing up. My husband always thinks it's a bit odd that I'd sit around doing for fun what he hated doing on the LSAT. So I was very pleased today when my mother pointed out this website with one of my favorite types of logic puzzles- sudoku.

I've done other online logic problems, but usually there weren't very many to do. Number ones like sudoku can be computer generated, but word ones are harder mass produce.

If you've got any good logic websites, let me know!


  1. ooooh this looks like a fun place to spend some time! THANKS for the link!

  2. If you like sudokus, you would love kakuros. Once I discovered them, I had a hard time going back - they're even better. Another fun variety would be Killer Sudokus. That's a mix of Kakuro and Sudoku.

    Still reading forward thru your archives...