11 January 2006

Land of Plenty

I have to admit that I'm getting very excited about going to China- for the shopping. Now, I hate shopping. Hate it. Except for books. And there are English-language bookstores in Beijing. And toy stores. We need more K'nex.

And I might even be able find womens shoes larger than a size 8. They are non-existant in Bishkek (at least according to my shopping friends).

Of course I'm more excited about the other things we'll see. Aren't I?


  1. When is it that you are going to China? When I was there it was summer and there were open air markets. The biggest one was a night market right in downtown Beijing. It was really interesting to visit. And there is a huge English bookstore also nearby. It was on the corner of a big pedestrian street and a main street that the subway ran under, not too far from Tiananmen Square. Not many recent books but lots of classics.

  2. I guess it's actually the state-owned foreign language bookstore. There are probably better English bookstores, but this one is easy to find. Wang Fu Jing is the pedestrian street.

    Waiwen Shudian bookstore

    Dong Hua Men Night Market (as I recall, it's not just food - there are also souvenirs and clothing)

  3. We're leaving tomorrow. :)

    I'm not sure we'll go to many open air markets this time. I've spent enough time in bazaars in Bishkek to know that is a chilly business in January.

    Thanks so much for the links! I'll see what we can do.