29 January 2006

Kyrgyzstan Blogging

I've been reading the argument at Registan with a bit of amusement for the last few days, especially the accusations that certain bloggers are out to get the "Armenian blogosphere." I hardly think Nathan is out to get them- he's always griping about the boring American-written blogs in Central Asia.

I've been thinking about this a lot though because I am interested in encouraging my husband's law students I work with to blog a bit. There are a variety of reasons I'd like to do this, but the main one is that there are so few Kyrgyz bloggers. (Are there any?)

I'd like to encourage them to write about Kyrgyzstan- anything they'd like. American showbiz and what they did that day would not be allowed though. I'd like to see them write about the government, the revolution, Kyrgyz culture, bride kidnapping, education in Kyrgyzstan, and all sorts of other topics. I could set up a separate blog for them, post them here, or see if we could get some of the better ones posted on other Central Asia blogs.

But mostly, I'd like to give them a chance to write since they have so few. The students at the American University have all sorts of opportunities, but the students at the Law Academy don't get much encouragement. I think it would be an interesting experiment.

(And can I say again how silly it is that the Blogger spellcheck doesn't recognize words like blogger, blog, blogs, etc, even if you try to teach them to the thing?)

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  1. The accusations against me are simply incomprehensible to me. I only think the other Armenian bloggers are echoing them because [thoughts deleted to keep up the impression that I'm a decent and reasonable man].

    With that out of the way, if there's anything I could do to help you get these students blogging, let me know. Claire at neweurasia would probably be glad to have them, but I'm a big fan of having people entirely run their own shows. (Not that neweurasia exercises any kind of content control, I just think the admin side of blogging is a valuable thing to learn if at all possible.)

    And it's not that I don't like the American-written blogs in CA, I just think it's a shame that they're about the only game in town. There are Russian-language blogs in the region, but it'd be awesome if there were more locals bridging the gap.