23 January 2006

The Great Wall of China

The Terra Cotta Warriors and the Great Wall of China are billed as two of the must-see things in the world. And now that I've seen them myself, I have to agree. They were each as impressive as the Sphinx and the Pyramids. My husband, who has also seen many of the famous sites in Europe, agrees.

We went to the section at Mutianyu (I have postcards for you from there, Julie). Most people visit the Great Wall at Badaling. Combine that with a January weekday, and we nearly had the wall to ourselves. Apparently that is a rare experience.

The Wall was a bit icy in places and we saw several people slip. One older man went down pretty hard. It was generally clear though on any south exposures.

There were plenty of watchtowers. We didn't go along the entire section of the Wall because on end was quite steep and we didn't think we could get the boys up very easily. I'd always heard that the Wall was somewhat steep, but it was nothing in comparison to the long set of stairs I had to climb up to get to the Wall itself. My husband and the boys rode up the cable car.

The best part though was how excited the boys were. We'd read about the Wall in history and they have spent a lot of the last year pretending to be Mongols. We all had a very nice time.


  1. So why did you take the stairs. You have me curious.

  2. Thanks--and can I just say that your travel reports are the most interesting thing in the bloggernacle?

  3. Thanks Julie.

    I took the stairs because I didn't want to miss anything. I didn't know what the setup would be at the top. It turned out that taking the cable car would have been fine, but I didn't mind walking up.