03 January 2006

The chicken pox is going around the baby house. Four of the babies are rather colorful right now because of the medicine they put on all their scabs. This little guy was happier today than he looks. The sick ones are a little quieter, but no one is really sick.

I'm not a fanatic vaccinator, but I'm glad we made sure the boys were up-to-date before we came here, including chicken pox. I wouldn't care to deal with that here. Hep B is also a problem in orphanages. Those are two vaccinations I might not have gotten otherwise.

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  1. And now, see, I'm disappointed that I can't find someone with chicken pox in the area to have a 'pox' party with and get it over with. I don't believe in vaccinations (the ingredients are unclean in our belief system, and the idea of injecting chemical toxins into a child...? When no one really knows the repercussions?)... so having the little ones get it while young is the thing, and here in the States? People just don't GET them anymore. That's disturbing to me.