07 January 2006

Central Asian Total Solar Eclipse

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but one of the first things I realized when we found out we were going to Kyrgyzstan was that we'd be able to see the total eclipse on March 29th. While at least a partial eclipse will be visible throughout Central Asia, Libya and Turkey will be better viewing locations.

This particular eclipse runs from the easternmost edge of Brazil across the Pacific, through Africa from Ghana to the Egypt-Libya border, over the Mediterranean, through Turkey and the Volga River delta in Russia, then northern Kazakhstan, and finally reenters Russia briefly. Check out this website for an animation of the path and details on the percentage of totality in lots of cities.

Near the end of the track, the shadow of the moon will pass right over the capital of Kazakhstan which will probably be the most convenient location for us to see the total eclipse. If we can't make it to Kazakhstan though, it will be about 70 percent eclipsed from Bishkek. That still would be interesting to watch even though you'd have to know it was happening to notice anything.

I am curious to see if there will be much reporting here about the eclipse, or reporting from Kazakhstan. Total solar eclipses don't happen every day.

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