28 January 2006

Central Asia at the University of Washington

In the never-ending search of what to do with oursevles when we finish whatever the current project is, I've finally discovered a university that has interest in Central Asia and offers both a decent LL.M. for my husband and MA for me- the University of Washington (well, SOAS in London does too, but my goodness, who could afford to have two people going there at once?).

So maybe we'll go to Seattle when we're done bouncing around Central Asia. Seattle has nice weather too. And it's close to the ocean. What more could anyone want?


  1. And both the Near East Languages and Cultures and REECAS programs are great. I'm in the latter, but because I'm doing Central Asia studies, know lots of people in the former.

    Seattle is just great too. We had a near record-breaking stretch of rain, but that's not too unexpected I suppose.

  2. Oh, and I believe SOAS doesn't actually teach any Central Asian languages were something like that important to someone.