01 December 2005

One of the little boys at the baby house is hopefully going to be adopted soon- the one that I wrote about on Conversation. I am so pleased. That really was the only option for him.

But there are other children there that need to be adopted, especially the other two who are older than one and not able to crawl yet, Isin and Arsin.

I really am getting testy about people who are absolutely opposed to international adoption. There is no other way to help these children. And it is not a great cultural experience to be raised as a disabled child in an orphanage.

Some say that instead of a adopting, people should donate the money to a charity that works with orphanages. More money would help, especially in rural areas, but once you have enough clothes, food, and a warm place to live, the only other basic necessity is love. And there is no way that even a very efficient charity can give each child the love they need.

Certainly international adoption shouldn’t be the first option. It’s not the best option in many cases. But there are times when it is a good option, and other times when it is literally the only option.

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  1. One of my college classmates is unmarried, but decided to adopt. She went to Ukraine because her parents were Eastern European, so there were some cultural ties. She searched through several orphanges, and met a little boy who needed her love. They're both better off for it.