31 December 2005

Faiza's and Beta Stores

Everyone recommends that you eat at Faiza's in Bishkek. We happened to go there a few weeks after we got here, and have eaten food from there several more times. And we weren't impressed.

But then my husband's students recommended the laghman there. I like laghman, but, well, it's never knocked me over with flavor. But since we were in the area, we decided to try it one more time.

Faiza's makes great laghman. We'll be going back. :)

We also stopped at Beta Stores today. It just reopened last week after being completely looted during the revolution in March. It's a huge western-style supermarket. There are several western-style grocery stores in town, but they're not in walking distance, so I've never bothered going to any of them. But Beta Stores is only 1.5 miles round trip (on the SE corner of Chuy and Isanov, I think it's already marked on the map, Mother). They had plastic bowls and cups and microwave popcorn. Sadly, the pancake mix we were after was gone. I don't know how we'd have cooked pancakes in a pot anyway.


  1. I have been thinking about this...

    Maybe you could use the backside of the bottom of the pot. Turn it over, upside down on the heat and pour batter on the flat bottom. Only one or two at a time, but would that work?

  2. I thought about this too, but our pots are white inside and I'm worried the flame would ruin them. And they have rounded bottoms, so, knowing me, I'd end up with batter dribbling down the sides.

    I'm am sure that if my husband buys pancake mix sometime, he'll figure out a way to cook them. :)

  3. This absolutely facinates me.

    So all in all, did you decide it was worth the trip?

    On another note, I have been reading in as much detail as I can delve into, about the Galileo project. Have you heard much about it? It is the new equivilant to our GPS system that is being launched, by the Eurpopen nations. The first satilite was launched from a Soyuz rocket in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. I wondered if that was "news" for you, or how close that is in location to you?

    As well,

    I have been thinking a great deal about the babies at the house that you visit. There are so many things that lead to late developement, but after much research I have come to the conclusion that crawling is one of the biggest steps that we make in our life time (in terms of physilogical developement) Most of our development comes from watching other people. If the babies have a low adult to baby ratio or if they don't get a lot of one on one stimulious, then they are surely going to be slow to crawl. I am absolutely convinced that Ethan's lack of mobility comes more from his visual impairment, than his Cerebral Palsy. It is really hard to motivate him to move, when you can't wiggle or dangle a toy in front of him or even use yourself as something to coax him with. So I would think, that with out someone right there, showing the babies how to crawl, being down on the floor with them, putting them on all fours, and literally showing them what to do, they will indeed be behind.

    Also, I have wondered about their medical care? There are SO MANY babies that have certain things, like lack of oxygen, ect that after they are born, seem just fine. ONly with sophisticated testing would they know that there are possibly physological issues that the child might have to combat.

    Most babies here in the US that have CP, are not diagnosed until ages 3-5. The diagnosis typically comes from an MRI. Even CAT scans can't show PVL (periventricular lukimelasia) which are areas of the brain that are damaged either (typically but not the only causes) from lack of oxygen prior, or right during the birthing OR, from brain hemorages (even tinsey ones can do a lot of damage) 1 in 332 American babies have at least a small brain bleed. That is increased ten fold when a baby is exposed to neonatal alchohl, drugs, tabacoo, or is born before 37 weeks gestation.

    So any of those things could aid in slowing a baby's progression.

    I would happily get a crawler to your Mum, or send you the plans. This particular one has been WONDERFUL for E. We have had three others, that were not a good design for him, as he has terrible head control as well as upper torso control, and little use of his right hand. As he progresses we can remove the spot where right now his hands rest and give him more availabilty to use his hands to crawl.

    Knees and legs are most important, then hands, according to study I read. (who knows, really what to believe though!)

    Anway.. SORRY this went so dang long!

    let me know,

    Love, Lis~

  4. I really think a crawler would be good for my babies, but I just don't think it's practical at the baby house. It's not safe to use it in the play pen unless most of the babies are in bed, and there's really not room on the floor. They'd always be running into something.

    I was watching them today and I agree with what you said. I really think most of them could crawl, but they just don't. I know some of them have specific problems, but not all 7 of the non-crawlers.

    Thanks Lisa. I wish there were more I could do for them. What I really wonder is why one little girl is crawling (the other two crawlers either just came to the baby house or have a mother who visits often and really helps).