26 December 2005

Emergency Shelter

A year ago I wrote about sandbag shelters and the efforts their developer, Nader Khalili, has gone to to promote their use. He still hasn't been very successful in getting them use widely, but certainly hasn't given up the idea. He submitted proposals to New Orleans and to Pakistan in the last year.

Some progress does seem to be going forward in Pakistan even though these shelters aren't available to many of the earthquake survivors. I hope that this could be the beginning of a wider acceptance of these sandbag homes.

The biggest concern seems to be that officials worry that people won't want to live in these houses. I can understand the concern, but often the only other option is a tent. I don't think many people who have lost their homes are excited about a tent either.

Khalili's homes aren't the only practical ideas out there for decent emergency shelter, but almost all of those ideas have had trouble getting any attention. But we've seen over and over that our current resources annd solutions aren't enough.

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