17 December 2005

Books! In English!

Ha! I finally found some English-language books! We'd been told that a little western-style cafe called Fat Boys had English books, but my husband had been there a few times and hadn't seen anything beyond a little book exchange (and book exchanges here are pretty heavy on crime and romance fiction).

But then we found out where the books really are- except I can't remember the name of the place. It's a pub on the south side of Chuy about a block west of Manas in a rather imposing building through a rather imposing door. Anyway, it had about 6 bookcases filled with interesting books. Everything there is the list price plus $2.50, which seems quite reasonable in Bishkek.

Even though it was tiny and in the middle of a pub, it was delightful to be surrounded by so many interesting books that I could actually read. And it's right on the way to the law school. I think I know where they money I've made from selling blessing dresses is going.

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