21 November 2005

This is a Central Asian cradle, or beshik. I'm hoping to bring one of these home myself.

[Update] Here are a couple of websites about these cradles and the traditions surrounding them. Search for beshik. And one about the possible dangers of using one (although to me they are not inherently any more dangerous than anything else we use for babies- just use common sense!).

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  1. I am visiting my husband's family in Kosovo. They also use the beshik. My husband told me that this was only an Albanian tradition but thiers is the exact same as the one that you have pictured except they tie them differently and there is no toilet (?) hole. Anyway I have a 4 monthh old son and he loves to sleep in this very much. We're fixing to return home to Oklahoma so I got online to see if I could order a beshik online. We love using this at night because we can just put it next to our bed and he falls asleep quickly in it. Although, that's the only time I use it;I'm sfraid of that flat head that my husband and all his family have. My brother-in-law in Oklahoma said that he can probably make one but I would rather just order one online. Do you know of any sites on which they sell beshiks? If you could please email me back at phyllisam04@yahoo.com...Thanks!