06 November 2005

Microwave Gourmet

We haven't had natural gas for the last day. I imagine it has something to do with Uzbekistan's refusal to send natural gas to Kyrgyzstan. Or maybe that's just the way it is right now.

Anyway, since the gas might be off a lot this winter, I'm looking into cooking more with my microwave (yes, I'm lucky enough to have a microwave). I've never really cooked with my microwave, except for oatmeal, so this is rather new.

Does anyone cook much with their microwave? Keep in mind that I almost never cook meat (I'm not really excited about meat here- see the picture below) and that most packaged and prepared foods aren't widely available, or very expensive.

I've found a few ideas on the internet, but most use ingredients I don't have or are geared for one person instead of a family. I think I'll at least be able to do pasta and rice, and I think lentils might work out too.

We'll see how creative I can be this winter.


  1. Is cheese expensive there? We love to make microwave quesadillas, but cheese is unfortunately a bit expensive where we are now.

  2. Just wondering if you have(or can get) a crockpot to cook things in.

  3. We do make pizzas with flatbread, cheese, and salami.

    There might be crockpots here. I never used mine in the US much though because there really are relatively few crockpot meals without meat. I could boil things in it though.