10 November 2005

Lentils and Bulgur

We are finally at the point where we almost never eat out anymore. The final discoveries were bulgur and red lentils. The red lentils I found are tiny. I bought them in a neat little package at the grocery store, but I also found them in the bazaar. I made kichree last night and it was delicious. Red lentil soup will be next if I can figure out a good substitute for beef broth. We're trying bulgur pilaf tonight.

I have been so glad that I learned how to cook creatively before we came here. I don't use any cookbooks or recipes, but I know more than one thing to do with rice, bulgur, lentils, pasta, and vegetables. We don't really have a hugely varied diet, but we're getting what we need. And I can buy everything we need within a block of our house. Handy since I have to carry it all home.

It's also a good thing that so many Turks live here and brought their food since I've cooked food from that part of the world for years.

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