19 November 2005

Indian Ocean and Great Central Asia Articles

I haven't pointed out Saudi Aramco World's July/August on the Indian Ocean and the trade routes there.

One of the things I like best about Saudi Aramco World is that it is not written solely from a European perspective. While this issue has an article on Marco Polo's writings about the Indian Ocean, it also has articles about Ibn Battuta (I still need to write about him) and Zheng He, the Chinese admiral who sailed the Indian Ocean extensively. It also covers the earlier history of the Indian Ocean and much more.

This is a fascinating issue. And there are plenty more interesting articles at Saudi Aramco World. Try these on the flags of Central Asia, Central Asian textiles, Muslims in China, the battle of Talas (where the Arabs defeated the Chinese in 751), Mir Ali Shir, the famous Central Asian poet, and of course, The Golden Road.

If you're not quite as hooked on Central Asia as I am, you can also search for articles yourself; there's a spot to do it at the top of every page.

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