18 November 2005

Independent Thinking vs. Helping Each Other

I've mentioned a few times my concern over the lack of independent thinking here. But it's not all bad- there are some advantages too. We emphasize independent thinking so much in the US that we lose sight sometimes of the need to work together.

I have noticed that people are very willing to help and ask for help here. In the US, we tend to keep to ourselves- we don't want to bother other people. And few would expect someone to go out of their for them. Of course, many Americans are very helpful, but it's more common here. I've been asked to help many strangers, and have been given help by many more. I like it.

My husband also commented that his students here are much better at negotiation skills. They easily see what would benefit everyone instead of individually holding on to their own position.

While I see plenty of sad results of communism, I do see some real benefits.


  1. Very profound, Amira. Good food for thought.

  2. Yep, I am so independent it is rediculous. I have found recently that it doesn't hurt to ask for help and in fact actually allows others who really care do something constructive for you. The pendulum is too far in either direction most times.