29 November 2005

"Indeed, seeing that his expenditure was only one-fourth of his income, he might have been called a prosperous man."

I finished Return of the Native last night. Like I said, I've decided again that fiction is good. A friend of mine here asked me to loan her some English novels so I'll be passing this one onto her. I'd love to start an English-language bookstore or library here both for foreigners and locals.

Would you think yourself prosperous if you lived on 1/4 of your income?


  1. Intellegent, more likely. I know it would mean growing more, giving more, recycling more, creating more, expecting less, wanting less, and MUCH happiness in the process.

  2. I enjoyed Return of the Native. I love fiction, though.

    I'll be offline for December, I think I wrote you. But you'll hear from me, Amira. I can't think of you differently :).

    I have enough books to have a lending library and I have many young friends who come over to borrow my fiction. I keep track, I will hunt you down if you don't return my book, but it's a joy to recommend a book and find that someone else loves it as I do.

    Damn, I am so going to miss this daily blogging.

  3. I should think myself proporus if I could live 100 percent on my income and not be in debt. *Smile*

    Just kidding. I haven't read the book. Perhaps I should.