11 November 2005

Despite the fact that I am homeschooling my children, I don't really feel like a "homeschooler." I don't do a lot of things that homeschoolers do, like pour over curriculum, plan schedules, or hang out with other homeschooling families. (Of course there aren't many in KG, but we didn't participate in homeschooling groups in the US either.) I don't think about homeschooling much. I think of myself as a person who does lots of things, one of which is homeschooling.

We just do what works. The past week or two reading has worked. My older son has been able to read for a long time, but because of who-knows-what has had some kind of hangup about it. So we haven't worried much about it. If it had gone another year with him refusing to read, I'd have tried something else. But something clicked last week. He had had all the information he needed for over a year and he finally decided that he could do something with it. He has been asking to read and plowing through our reading book as quickly as he can. I am so pleased.

It was handwriting for a few weeks before that, and math before that. Handy little guy. And nice that the younger one is happy learn along with his older brother. It's easy to homeschool these little boys.

And a reminder to stop by the Old Faithful webcam. Predictions aren't posted right now, but I just happened to catch an eruption (about 9:30 AM), so there will probably be eruptions today around 11 AM, 12:30 PM, 2 PM, 3:30 PM, and 5 PM. These are all local Yellowstone time which is posted with the webcam.


  1. We visited Yellowstone this summer--wonderful place.

    Your attitude to homeschooling makes sense to me. One of the biggest appeals of homeschooling to me (though I've never tried it) is the freedom and flexibility it offers, and the room it gives you to work with your kids' individual strengths and weaknesses.

  2. When did you go to Yellowstone? Were you able to stay long? Did you see other geysers besides Old Faithful?

    We practically lived there till the end of June. I love Yellowstone and geysers. Check out WyoJones' Geyser Site on the sidebar for lots of stuff about geysers.

  3. We were there in July for a family reunion, but only for a few days. We stayed in a lovely cabin in Island Park, MT, for 3 nights, driving to and from the park each day, and we spent one night in the Tetons, near Jenny Lake. I'd love to live there--it's so beautiful! We saw LOTS of geysers, which my husband was sure to get on film to use in his geology classes.

    Our kids loved it too. We try to use these kinds of opportunities for our own mini "home schooling/learning" moments. It's perfect, because we're right there, the kids are curious and excited about what they are experiencing, so it's really easy to teach them. :)