23 November 2005


Some of the law students took me to Osh bazaar today to pick up a bread stamp (chekich). This is what people use to make the interesting designs on tandoor bread. These will be much better than using a fork!


  1. Would it make your envious if I told you my family owns it's own tandoor. We put one into our restaurant two years ago and I'm so spoiled about ordering my bread cooked JUUUUST Sooo.

    I really, really, did I tell you I REALLY, miss our restaurant in Pakistan.

  2. What an interesting tool. It looks somewhat like what we would cal a vegetable chopper. Instead of chopping, yours leaves a neat little design in the bread. So did you pick up others on your way home?

  3. I did get a few more stamps since a couple of my sisters want one too.

    I'd miss that restaurant too! I'm almost as spoiled though, since I have two tandoor bakeries a few steps from my house. If we ever stay in one place with a backyard long enough, I'd like to build one. Or at least buy one of the somewhat portable ones.