22 October 2005

Walking and Riding

Have I ever mentioned the handy little program we have with all the bus routes in Bishkek? You just click on the place where you are and the place you want to go and it maps out all the different bus routes. It's been a lifesaver.

Usually we walk though. During the week the boys and I almost never ride a bus. This sometimes means walking four miles a day, but that's what you do here.

It's a mile round trip to the grocery store. (I could find everything I buy there closer to our house, but I'd have to go to five different places and we'd probably end up doing just as much walking. And I much prefer being able to just take what I need off the shelf rather than trying to explain what I want in my limited Russian. And I don't have to bargain.)

It's a three mile round trip to the law school where we usually have our Russian lessons. We'll nearly always walk at least one way, and sometimes both ways.

But I do ride to the orphanage. That's a 10 mile round trip, and I'm not interested in doing that. But even the ride is tricky because the buses get crowded and it's difficult to get off at the right place.

When we first got here we rode the buses a lot. I thought it would be easier with the boys to ride and they wouldn't walk so much. But we've discovered that it is usually a lot more pleasant to walk and that the boys are good at it. So we join all the walkers around Bishkek.


  1. It would seem there is an extra bit of time management skills that will be learned by your sons also.

    It is unfortunate that walking has become excercise in America. I do miss the days of my youth when we lived in the big city and had a small microcosm of a city within a city. We had within a mile or two all of our shopping need available. Rarely did we use a car to go shopping. The library was close by, as were museums and entertainment. I surely miss those days. It is one thing to live in the "country" however, I do miss the walks. They were such a great comraderie establisher.

  2. I had to get used to longlife milk. At first I was like, "Hey, if bacteria don't want it I don't want it either." but its not bad stuff and is cleaner than fresh milk that may be improperly stored or shipped.