31 October 2005

Time Zones

We've spent quite a bit of time the last few days trying to figure out what time it is. We'd read that daylight savings time was supposed to end on Sunday, but no one had said a word about it. We figured we had to be on daylight savings (and that it would end sometime) because we were still 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

But we finally sorted it out. We just changed time zones. Now we're the same time as the eastern half of Kazakhstan. I'm not too picky about which time zone we're in, just so long as I know what time it is right now. And right now there is no daylight savings in Kyrgyzstan.

Time zones in this part of the world are a bit screwy anyway. Kashi, in China, is almost directly south of Bishkek, but for the last several months has been three hours ahead because all of China is on Beijing time. Nepal is +5:45 of GM time. Some time zones get almost entirely skipped.

But at least I know what time it is now.


  1. What happened actually is that this year Kazakhstan decided not to observe daylight saving time. Before that Almaty was one hour ahead of Bishkek. Now that the Kyrgyz government has decided not to go back to winter time, we are in the same time zone with Almaty.

    There was an article on this in the Friday issue of Vechernij Bishkek. They say the reason for this decision is that changing to daylight saving time and then going back to standard time has an adverse effect on people's health. Daylight saving time was originally introduced to save energy, but it more of an issue in northern countries, not in Central Asia.

  2. Well, to add to the confusion a radio station reported that the change to Winter time will happen, but after Ait, last day of Ramadan. In order to not unduly burden those who must rise before sunrise to eat breakfast in the morning. We'll see in a few days if this is true.

  3. I just hope that whatever they decide, someone will remember to tell my family. :)