16 October 2005

They stopped for kymyz on the way home. Kymyz is made from fermented mare's milk and is very popular here. We've managed to avoid tasting it so far- it doesn't quite sound appealing to us, but I imagine we'll have some before we leave.

They also were selling dried yogurt balls, very much like the yogurt balls in the Middle East. Yogurt here is made with sour milk though, so the taste and smell is rather different.


  1. Warning: Our Kazakh students told us that that stuff contains alcohol, like Russian Keefer.

  2. We know it has a bit, but we keep running into Mormons who live here or who've been here (including some of those with Elder Nelson's group) that have had it, so we're not sure if it's kosher or not.

    I'd really like to use that for an excuse to not drink it if I can. ;)

  3. And does kefir have alcohol? I buy it all the time and I don't think it does. Unless the kefir here is different.

    Kymyz is definitely alcoholic because the police will stop you if you're drinking it.

  4. I'm fairly certain that there's no alcohol in kefir. Perhaps a tad depending on the cultures in it, but I think that would be very rare.

    Kumis definitely does have it. It's not "made from fermented mare's milk," it is fermented mare's milk. And you definitely do notice that there's alcohol in it. It's probably on par with weak beer (though I could be wrong about this).

    I don't think it tastes all that bad. It's sour and all, but better than one might think.

  5. Thanks for the clarification Nathan. I should have worded that better.

    I have to admit that I'm getting a bit tired of all the milk products being soured. Even the yogurt. I prefer starting off with fresh milk for yogurt at least.

    But the kefir is good.