09 October 2005

Stray Thoughts

I hope no one has gotten the idea that Kyrgyzstan is entirely a developing country. Of course there is a broad range of economic circumstances in the country, just as there are in the US or any highly developed country. The rural parts of the country, which makes up most of the country except Bishkek and surrounding areas are generally worse off, as you'd expect.

Horse meat is considered to be the best meat in Central Asia, and therefore the most expensive. A well-educated, well-off woman whom I was talking to today said her family buys a horse every winter and it lasts them three months.

I've been quizzing Kyrgyz on how to pronounce Kyrgyzstan and that sneaky -i- isn't really there. But I'm still not very good at saying it.

I've been trying to find anything I can about Islam in post-Communist countries, and there just isn't much there. I read often that Islam was pretty much stamped out by the Soviets, but I think that's far too simple an explanation and there's much more to the story. More on that later...

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