27 October 2005

Orphanage Happenings

I got new pictures at the orphanage today. I'm trying to get good ones of each of the babies. It takes some time to get 11 babies smiling, so I just got a few today.

We also might have accidently hit on a good way to help too. My friend had some extra diapers that she gave to the nurses today. We had heard that they needed diapers, but we couldn't figure out why since they never use them. But another nurse specifically came to thank her when she saw the diapers. We're thinking they might like to use them at night. No one is in with the babies at night, so diapers would be much better.

We can easily get diapers here, so we'll bring some more diapers over the next few times and if they appear to be helpful, we'll stick with those.

1 comment:

  1. Just beautiful! THanks for the pictures! They look so happy!