31 October 2005

One of my favorite things about blogging is all the wonderful people I’ve been able to meet. I’ve gotten to know many better through emails than blogging, but most I met through their blogs.

I’ve found homeschoolers like Julie, Bryce, Laura, Alaska, and Diane; people interested in Central Asia like Johnna and others; fascinating people like Rachel and Dan; friends like Melissa and the women at Conversation; and more.

Blogging has been especially nice for me because we’ve moved so often. Those of you that I know online seem just as close here in Kyrgyzstan as you did when I lived in Idaho. The internet has been a real blessing for me. Online friends haven’t replaced real friends, but they are important friends.

I’ve seriously considered turning the comments off several times, but I keep them on because I’ve learned a lot from the comments. I’ve also discovered great new blogs through them. While I don’t blog for the comments, they’ve been a nice benefit.

I started this blog to have a place to think things through on my own so I could quit bugging my poor husband about things he’s not particularly interested in. I’m lucky that I married someone with so many similar interests (do you know many men who actually want to live in Central Asia? who will design quilts? who speak Arabic? who love Islam?), but he does get tired of hearing about everything I’ve been thinking about. He doesn’t want to hear about volcanoes, geysers, what I read on other blogs, homeschooling, and a lot of other things all the time.

I love to blog, but I do it for me. My sisters and mother recently discovered this blog. But I don’t write it for them- there are other things I write that are just for them. This isn’t about our travels in Central Asia, it’s not about homeschooling, it’s not about the LDS Church- it’s really not about anything specific. It’s just what I think about. And writing it down helps me sort through it.


  1. That's how I feel, too, Amira.

    I want to hug and squeeze and kiss that little face. Is he an orphan? Oh, Amira, God has to make all this sadness right. It hurts.

  2. This is a great blog, Amira. keep it up!

    I know what you mean about doing it for yourself. My family and book blogs are primarily for myself. One nice thing about having regular commenters is that when I get too busy to post, I feel a sense of obligation to them, so I don't ever let them slide too much. But I don't care if I write something there and no one reads them.

  3. When I started my blog, I thought it would be a "homeschool blog" but I found that that wasn't what I really wanted to write about.

    I like keeping my kids a little bit out of my writing actually and I like just writing what I'm thinking about. I like the way you said it, it fits what I like about blogging, too.