26 October 2005

No Cold Water

The cold water has been spotty over the last few days. In Bishkek, there is a central hot water system, so your cold water and your hot water come from two different places. That's rather different from the US- it would be practically impossible for a person to only have hot water- you either have both or only cold.

I hate it when there's no hot water, but I've discovered that no cold water is not any better. The toilet fills with cold water, and our washing machine is only hooked up to the cold water. I did figure out how to keep the toilet and washing machine going my filling them by hand with water from the sink.

But showers were trickier. The hot water takes at least 5 minutes to really heat up, but once it does, it is hotter than I care to stand in. For two nights there was just a trickle of cold water and we all just managed to not roast ourselves.

So now I'm just glad for water. The cold water seems to have revived itself and we hear that that's just the way it is sometimes. Often when something doesn't work here (like the telephone), it's because the bill wasn't paid. They'll turn things off quickly here if you don't pay. I was worried we'd have to sort out the bills to get the water back on, and I didn't want to do that.

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  1. Such an interesting phenomenon. Never would I have thought it would be difficult to get cold water! So many times I have wished for endless hot water. Now I know I was just geographically challenged!