06 October 2005

I finally remembered to take my camera to the orphanage today and got some pictures of some of the babies. I'll post more pictures when I have some time. This little boy is about 5 months old and one of the youngest in his group right now. And I cannot remember his name.


  1. The pictures are fabulous! Send us more pictures of Daily Life in Kyrgyzstan!

    I also really enjoyed your article over at Conversation about the baby house. Amazing how hearing one or two individual stories brings these issues home.

    I am just so glad you're still blogging while you're over there. :) It wouldn't have even occurred to me otherwise to learn about living in Kyrgyzstan.

  2. Amira~

    I am full of hope today. Thank you so very much for all you are.

    Love, Lisa

    I am still wondering about the mail?

  3. Lisa, do you mean you want to mail something here?