05 October 2005

Happy Ramadan!

I forgot to mention last night that Ramadan has begun. I will be interested to see if there is much observance here- I don't expect there will be.

Last night some boys from our building knocked on our door and sang for us for Ramadan. They go around and sing, and then people give them money or candy. They sang very well and then told us why they were there, since we had no clue.

I liked Ramadan in Jerusalem. We would go to concerts in the city on Thursday nights and there was a general feeling of excitement, even though many were fasting all month.

We're also partial to Ramadan because our younger son was born on Eid al-Fitr, the day commemorating the end of Ramadan. We celebrate his birthday on Eid al-Fitr instead of his birthdate on the solar calendar.

As they'd say in Jerusalem, Kul 'am wa intum bakhayr! We'll have to find out what a traditional greeting is here.

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