02 October 2005

General Conference

(This entire post is about LDS General Conference. It is a meeting held twice a year in Salt Lake City where the President of the LDS Church and other leaders speak.)

It still amazes me that I can listen to Conference anywhere in the world. Even though we are about as far from SLC as we can possibly be, we have been able to listen to Conference. We've come a long way in just a few years. Less than 10 years ago the only option was to go to your Stake Center, and there's not a Stake Center for miles (even countries) around us.

We listened to the Saturday morning session live, then this morning listened to the archive of the Saturday afternoon session (since it was a 2 in the morning here) on ksl.com. I was pleased to discover that the archives are available immediately on KSL.

I have enjoyed the talks. Several were on things that I have been thinking about a lot recently. I liked Elder Holland's advice to women to not send the wrong message to girls about body image. I will always be grateful for a mother who, while exercising and eating right, did not diet or worry about her body. Even though there were only daughters in our family, weight was not an issue, and that has been a blessing for all five of us.

I loved Elder Oaks talk. It was helpful to hear his clarification on the differences between presiding in the home and in the church. Elder Oaks' talks are often straightforward and clear. He is good at explaining misunderstood and/or difficult concepts well.

I liked the emphasis on spiritual preparedness. I'll be interested to listen to President Hinckley's talk from the Priesthood Session because it sounds like he addressed some of my questions about signs of the times- specifically awful things that have happened in the past.

We had trouble with our connection during Sister Tanner's and Elder Wirthlin's talks, so we'll go back and listen to those tonight. I always like Elder Wirthlin.


  1. We do live in a time of light to say the least.

    I especially enjoyed Elder Eyrings talk.

    Unfortunately Daoud didn't get to hear the priesthood session. It was definitely pointed towards preparedness. Pres Hinckley read from Matthew 24 and 2nd Nephi talking about the destruction that happened at the crucifixtion. Also D&C 88.

    It is a time or miracles.

  2. I always love general conference and feel so lucky that all I have to do is turn on the radio or the TV and there it is! What a blessing to have prophets and apostles on the earth to tell us that things we need to hear. These men truly have the spirit of God with them. It's definitly a highlight of the year for me

  3. I like Elder Eyring's talk too. I very much like President Hinckley's talk from Sunday morning.

    Bryce at M* had a nice summary of the Priesthood session, and I liked that President Hinckley talked about many different disasters that have happened over many hundreds and even thousands of years. And that we shouldn't panic. Heeding warnings and listening to the prophets will do a lot more to keep us safe than a lot of things.

  4. I'm glad you found my notes of use. I make them mainly for myself, but posting them forces me to pay extra attention, and I get a lot more out of the session because of it (It takes a lot of work to produce, though). Since the talks themselves are published soon after the session, ultimately my notes aren't of great value, but I know also sometimes it's hard to wait.

    Shameless plug: If you're ever thinking about writing about the church in Kyrgyzstan, or other church/religion related issues there, we'd be happy to publish it at M*.

  5. I've avoided writing too much about the church here because there is not offical and it is a bit of a sensitve topic. I've mostly been putting that kind of thing on Conversation.

    But maybe something really good will come up and I'll send it to M*. At least if M* allows guest posts with a pseudonym.

  6. Ooh, forgot about conversation. I'm not trying to poach you away from them.

    (the offer still stands, however :) )

  7. Thanks Bryce. M* has a lot more readers, so there might be a time I'd be interested in that.