13 October 2005

Donating to the Orphanage

Several people have emailed or asked about what they can do to help the orphanages here in Kyrgyzstan. I've been looking into that because I've been trying to figure out what I can do too, but it's not as easy as it would seem to be.

I can't just donate money to the orphanage because I've been told the director of the orphanage is probably corrupt- the money won't necessarily get to the children. Items donated have been sold by the director- again, not very useful for the children. I don't really care to take my chances on this option.

Possibly the best option right now is to donate to an Eagle Scout project one of the expat members is starting. He is gathering winter shoes for older children in an orphanage about 75 km east of Bishkek. This would be reliable and the shoes would really get to the destination and be used by the children.

However, I'd also like to do something to help my babies. We're working on getting sippy cups for them since they are going straight to a cup at about 6 months and they can't handle it. They really do have most of the basics, but I know this orphanage is better equipped than many in the country.

So, there are three choices: send money for the shoes, send money and I'll figure something out, or wait till I have something more concrete.

I'm not soliciting donations here; I don't want anyone to feel guilty if they don't care to be involved in anything with this. I can think of many reasons why it wouldn't work- most of you don't even know me. But if you might be interested, email me at amiralace at juno dot com with any questions and I can tell you how to get money here.

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