14 October 2005

David O. McKay's World Tour

I just found this book about President McKay's trip around the world as an apostle. I've been interested in reading more about it, and I found David O. McKay Around the World. This book was written by Hugh J. Cannon, the man who traveled with Elder McKay. He wrote it shortly after their return, but the manuscript was lost.

Anyone care to get this book and tell me if it's good? Is there anything else about his travels that I could read?


  1. Hugh J. Cannon is my Grandfather. This summer as I spent time at my parents house, I was amazed at the small miracles that occured as this book was being put together. It is very interesting and am excited to get my own personal copy.

  2. Well, anonymous, if you wander back here, I'd love to hear some of those stories if you'd care to share them.

    A friend of mine in the US has ordered this to review it for me.

  3. I am a descendant of Hugh J. Cannon and am aware of the family's 85 year effort in trying to get the book published. The original manuscript was mysteriously lost by a publisher. There were numerous "small miracles" leading to its publication, including the miraculous recovery of the manuscript many years later.

    Amira, what are your specific interests?

  4. There are several good books about President McKay and his travels. You might consider (in order of my personal preference:

    David O. McKay around the World: An Apostalic Mission by Hugh J. Cannon
    ISBN #1932898468

    My Father: David O. McKay by David Lawrence McKay & Lavina Fielding Anderson
    ISBN #0875792782

    David O. McKay: Apostle to the World, Prophet of God by Francis M. Gibbons
    ISBN #0875790364

  5. I'm mostly interested in hearing about how it was put together. When and how did the manuscript turn up again? Are there other family stories about the journey that aren't in the book?

    At this point I can't order the book since the shipping is prohibitive (I live overseas), so I'm trying to find out what I can about it till I can read it myself.

  6. The original prospective publisher (not the current publisher) mis-filed the manuscript and couldn't find it. Years later one of President McKay's sons found the manuscript buried with some of the president's papers returned to the family by the publisher. It's a long story, but thanks to his efforts it eventually found its way back to the family.

    You can see a picture of the book's cover and get a little information about it from the publisher's Web site:

  7. Hugh J. Cannon's son is in my ward and has also spoken several times of the miraculous events bringing his father's manuscript to publication. I wish I could recall the details. I should ask him next Sunday. I've got to get me a copy of the book and read it.