19 October 2005

Bishkek Maps

It's been lovely to be in a new place and have a lot of new maps. Kyrgyzstan maps are not widely available in the US; a few, yes, but hardly enough for me. So we've been collecting maps since we arrived here.

The Bishkek map is my current favorite even though I do need the online one to get the names of every street. It's always a bit tricky though since many of the street names changes with independence. Some of the old names are still commonly used.

Street names are posted on the corners of buildings. I haven't figured out any pattern for knowing which corner of the intersection to look at, so sometimes we pass a few streets before I can figure out how far we've gone. And you've got to know exactly where you are when you're riding a bus (you can always find someone to help if you get lost though).

Like I mentioned yesterday, it's easy to just get driven around the city. You don't even have to know which way you're going. But when you're out walking and riding buses, that map is essential. So I can indulge myself in one of my favorite pastimes- memorizing a map. What fun.

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